Nasdaq CSD is governed by the following bodies: General Meeting of Shareholders, Supervisory Council and Management Board.

Nasdaq CSD is 99.84% owned subsidiary of Nasdaq Nordic Ltd, a stock exchange holding company in Finland.

Nasdaq Aktiebolag and Kauphöll Íslands hf. each hold 0.08% of shares of the Nasdaq CSD.

Nasdaq CSD owns 100% shares of AS Pensionikeskus.

SUPERVISORY COUNCIL –  the supervisory institution of the Company, which represents the interests of the Company’s stockholders during the time periods between the meetings of stockholders and supervises the activities of the Management Board within the scope specified in statutory documents and internal documents.

Members of the Supervisory Council representing Nasdaq:
Arminta Saladžienė, Chairperson (experience)
Pall Hardarson, Deputy Chairperson (experience)
Tomas Thyblad (experience)

External Independent Supervisory Council members:
Darius Petrauskas (experience)
Elmars Priksans (in Latvian Elmārs Prikšāns) (experience)
Urmas Kaarlep (experience)

The Committees of the Supervisory Council:

MANAGEMENT BOARD – responsible for day-to-day management of the company, including that the operations and accounting of Nasdaq CSD are adequately organized as well as will be responsible for the fulfilment of the obligations imposed by the CSDR to senior management.

Members of the Management Board:
Indars Aščuks, Chairperson (experience)
Kristi Sisa, Deputy Chairman (experience)
Dalia Jasulaitytė
Magnus Asgeirsson

Responsibilities of the governing bodies are outlined in Nasdaq CSD’s articles of association.

User committees
Nasdaq CSD has three User Committees representing users of the three Securities Settlement Systems of Nasdaq CSD.

The User Committees have advisory role vis-à-vis Management Board advising on:

  • key arrangements that have impact on its members;
  • the criteria for admission of issuers or participants in the Securities Settlement Systems;
  • the service level of Nasdaq CSD; and
  • other matters which, in the reasonable view of the User Committee, may have impact on its members.

The User Committees are independent from any direct influence by Nasdaq CSD.

Members of the Estonian SSS User Committee:

  • Helen Tulve (Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp AS)
  • Vahur Kraft
  • Julia Segerkrantz (Luminor Bank AS)
  • Seat reserved for Investment fund issuers

Members of the Latvian SSS User Committee:

  • Esmeralda Balode-Buraka (AS Latvijas Gaze)
  • Kārlis Purgailis (IPAS CBL Asset Management)
  • Gundega Ērgle (AS Luminor Bank)
  • Marija Černoštana (AS Swedbank)
  • Gatis Simsons (AS SEB banka)
  • Jānis Irbe (AS Latvenergo)

Members of the Lithuanian SSS User Committee:

  • Alius Jakubėlis (Orion Securities)
  • Tomas Varenbergas (AB Siauliu bankas)
  • Vaida Vitanytė-Volskienė (AB Swedbank)
  • Robert Anuškevič (AB Luminor Bank)
  • Marius Mykolaitis (AB SEB bankas)
  • Dainius Grikinis (Bank of Lithuania)

Rules of procedure of the User Committees of the: