The Nasdaq CSD is licensed under the CSDR and has a business presence in the three Baltic countries. It is powered by a modern STP solution connected to T2S – the single pan-European platform for securities settlement in central bank money. With a focus on service excellence and maximum efficiency, it serves the Baltic securities market well and successfully competes in foreign markets.

The three Baltic SSSs run on a single CSD instance and one interface to T2S. Local services are retained on surrounding systems.

Nasdaq Baltic offers a network connectivity solution that functions as a gateway to the Nasdaq infrastructure systems. It is a production network based on MPLS VPN technology which has a high level of redundancy and ensures cost-effective high-performance communication with the Nasdaq environment. Connectivity to the solution can be established either by leased line or VPN. Each CSD participant should consider having an alternative connection available for redundancy.

Nasdaq Baltic recommends the use of a leased line as the primary connection and a VPN as a backup. CSD participants should decide on their number of connections and connectivity options independently.