ISIN: LV0000101616

Nominal value: 1.00 EUR

Total number of shares: 39,786,089

Rights arising from one share

One share has 1 vote. All shares give their owners the same rights, specifically, the right to receive dividends and liquidation quota, as well as the right to vote at the Shareholders’ Meeting.

Stock category

Dematerialized registered shares. Shares are not included in public circulation on the stock exchange, however, shareholders can freely change ownership of shares by registering transactions in the Nasdaq CSD

Stock Ownership

Ownership of shares is confirmed by an entry in the shareholders’ register. Shares are not held in securities accounts. The management of the shareholders’ register is ensured by an independent and professional institution – Nasdaq CSD, which also issues information or certificates on share ownership.

Trading and re-registration of shares

Conexus Baltic Grid’s shares are not listed on the stock exchange, however, this does not prevent the company’s shares from being bought, sold or donated. Such transactions must be arranged by mutual agreement between the buyer and the seller. We invite you to use the standard share re-registration application form, which serves both as a mutual agreement between the expropriator and the acquirer, and serves as the basis for re-registration of the shares to the new owner in the Nasdaq CSD.

The re-registration of shares requires the participation of both parties of the transaction.

The parties must fill in the standard form of application for re-registration of shares. In the event that shareholders additionally use other documents for the change of ownership, we invite you to submit a standard application form to the Nasdaq CSD in any case, as it contains the necessary data for the shareholders’ register.

The application for re-registration of shares and other documents necessary for the transaction can be submitted in Latvian and English, as well as in Russian, if the data of the expropriator and acquirer of the shares in the application are filled out in Latin letters.

The application for re-registration of shares can be submitted in the following ways:

Both parties of the transaction sign the application with a safe electronic signature (including a time stamp) and send it to the e-mail address:

By sending a mutually signed application by post to the main office of Nasdaq CSD in Latvia. In this case, the signatures must be approved by a notary.

Representatives of legal entities must attach a certificate of signature rights to the application (extract from the Commercial Register), while authorized persons of legal entities must additionally attach a power of attorney.

Power of attorney issued to a private individual must be approved by a notary.

Changes in shareholder data

In the event that a shareholder changes his address, country of residence or bank account data, he is obliged to notify Nasdaq CSD of the changes in accordance with the Articles of Association. For this purpose, we invite you to use the shareholder data sheet. The data sheet can be sent signed with a safe electronic signature to, can be submitted in person at Nasdaq CSD office or sent by post (in this case, the signature must be approved by a notary).


In order to re-register shares received by inheritance, the heir needs to submit an original or a copy of the inheritance certificate approved by a notary to Nasdaq CSD, as well as a completed and signed shareholder’s data sheet. Documents can be sent signed with a safe electronic signature to or submitted in a paper format in-person.

Contact information

Regarding information on the dividends, shareholder meetings, please e-mail JSC Conexus Baltic Grid at