Links between the Nasdaq CSD and other CSDs give Nasdaq CSD participants access to securities maintained at those other CSDs. In building such connections, the Nasdaq CSD manages non-local assets for local participants and enables their access to international investors in the respective markets.

The Nasdaq CSD’s goal is to bring the benefits of T2S to the Baltic markets. Its strategy is to expand and intensify operational interaction with other European infrastructure institutions in order to provide services to internationally active Baltic market participants and facilitate foreign investors’ access to the Baltic region.

By networking with other European CSDs, the Nasdaq CSD makes it possible to improve Baltic investors’ access to asset servicing all across Europe.

Nasdaq CSD maintains the existing unilateral CSD link arrangements with the following foreign CSDs:

In the future, the Nasdaq CSD may establish new CSD link arrangements with foreign CSDs, subject to business needs and in compliance with the CSDR and applicable legislation.