ISIN LV0000101616
Nominal value 1.00 EUR
Total number of shares 39,786,089
Rights deriving from one share All shares bestow their holders with equal rights, specifically: right to dividend and liquidation quota, voting rights at shareholder meetings.
Share category One share has 1 vote. Dematerialized registered shares. Shares are not listed on the stock exchange (not publicly traded), but shareholders may freely dispose (sell, gift) their shares by registering transactions with the Nasdaq CSD.

Ownership of shares

The ownership of shares is certified by a record in the register of shareholders. Shares are not kept on securities accounts. The register of shareholders is maintained by an independent and professional institution, the Nasdaq CSD, which also provides information or certificates on share ownership.

Trading and re-registration of shares

While the shares of Conexus Baltic Grid are not listed on the stock exchange, this does not preclude buying, selling, or gifting them. Such transactions have to be negotiated between the buyer and the seller. We recommend using the model Application form for the re-registration of shares. It serves both as a contract between the vendor and the acquirer and as a basis for Nasdaq CSD to re-register the shares to the new owner.

The Share Re-registration Application form is available here.

  1. The re-registration of shares requires the participation of both transacting parties.
  2. The parties have to fill out the Share Re-registration Application form. If the shareholders use additional documents for the change of ownership, we still recommend submitting the Share Re-registration Application form as it contains the data required for the register of shareholders.
  3. The Share Re-registration Application and other documents necessary for the transaction may be submitted in Latvian and English, as well as in Russian if the vendor and acquirer data in the Share Re-registration Application have been entered in Latin characters.
  4. The Share Re-registration Application may be submitted as follows:
  • By both transacting parties signing the Application with a secure electronic signature and sending it by e-mail to
  • By both transacting parties appearing at the premises of the Nasdaq CSD with identity documents. Nasdaq CSD accepts Share Re-registration Application on business days from 10.00 to 16.00 o’clock. We recommend coming to the Nasdaq CSD on reception days – Tuesdays – when customers are served more swiftly.
  • By sending a mutually signed Share Re-registration Application by post to Nasdaq CSD. In such case the signatures have to be approved by a notary.
  • Legal representatives of legal persons have to supplement the Share Re-registration Application with a proof of right of signature (an extract from the Commercial Register or otherwise). Attorneys of legal persons have to append a power of attorney.
  • Powers of attorney by natural persons have to be approved by a notary.

Updating of shareholder data

Under the Articles of Association, in the event of changes in their address, country of residence or billing data, shareholders are required to notify the Nasdaq CSD of such changes. For this purpose we recommend using the Shareholder’s Data Sheet. The Shareholder’s Data Sheet may be sent signed with a secure electronic signature to, submitted in presence at the Nasdaq CSD, or sent by post (in such case the signature has to be approved by a notary).

The Shareholder’s Data Sheet is available here.

Settlement of successions

In order to re-register shares inherited, the heir has to submit to the Nasdaq CSD the original or a notary-approved copy of the certificate of succession, as well as a Shareholder’s Data Sheet filled out and signed. The documents may be sent signed with a secure electronic signature to, submitted in paper format by post to the Nasdaq CSD or in presence.

The Shareholder’s Data Sheet is available here.

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