This section describes six simple steps required for applicant to become a Participant of the Nasdaq CSD. All the detailed requirements to become a Participant are described in Nasdaq CSD Rulebook (3.2 chapter). Participant may take one or several roles at the Nasdaq CSD: account operator, cash agent, issuer agent, fund administrator.

  1. A potential participant submits Application to become a participant.
  2. Nasdaq CSD will perform a preliminary validation of the application document.
  3. Nasdaq CSD informs the participant on a decision.
  4. The participant submits an Agreement and all other documents (e-signature or hard copy).
  5. Connectivity set-up and the participant passes certification test cases and submits the testing report.
  6. Nasdaq CSD Management Board makes a decision on an onboarding of the participant in 30 days.

An application for registration and additional documents may be submitted to the Nasdaq CSD by the email