Participant name BIC code ROLES taken  Participation at SSS**
Account operator Cash agent* Issuer agent Fund admin. EE LT LV
SEB Bank Estonia EEUHEE2XXXX  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓
Danske Bank Estonia FOREEE2XXXX      
Swedbank Estonia HABAEE2XXXX    
LHV Bank LHVBEE22XXX  ✓    ✓  
Luminor Bank AS (Estonia) NDEAEE2XXXX        
Tallinna Äripank TABUEE22XXX  ✓  
Luminor Bank AS Lithuanian branch AGBLLT2XXXX         ✓  ✓  ✓
Orion Securities BVPPLT21XXX  ✓        ✓
SEB Bank Lithuania CBVILT2XXXX  ✓    ✓    ✓  
DV Invest DVINLT21XXX  ✓  
Siauliu bankas CBSBLT26XXX    ✓    ✓    ✓  
Swedbank Lithuania HABALT22XXX        
Kapitalo Srautai KPTLLT21XXX      
Lithuanian Central Credit Union LCKULT22XXX    
Danske Bank Lithuania SMPOLT22XXX      ✓  
Steponkus & Co STEKLT21XXX      
Baltic International Bank BLIBLV22XXX      
BlueOrange Bank CBBRLV22XXX      ✓  ✓
Swedbank Latvia HABALV22XXX  
Renesource Capital IBS IRCALV21XXX  
Meridian Trade Bank MULTLV2XXXX      
Luminor Bank AS Latvian branch RIKOLV2XXXX NDEALV2XXXX        
Citadele Latvia PARXLV22XXX          ✓
Regionala Investiciju Banka RIBRLV22XXX  ✓  ✓    ✓
Rietumu Banka RTMBLV2XXXX  ✓    
Latvian State Treasury TRELLV22XXX    
SEB Bank Latvia UNLALV2XXXX        
Lithuanian central bank LIABLT2XXXX  ✓  
Latvian central bank LACBLV2XXXX    ✓
Estonian central bank EPBEEE2XXXX    
Nasdaq CSD SE Lithuanian branch CSDLLT22577
Participant name BIC code ROLE taken  Participation at SSS**
Foreign CSD EE LT LV
Central Securities Depository of Poland KDPWPLPWXXX  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓

*Cash Agent – a System Participant that is authorised by the Depository as a Cash Agent and that is responsible for guaranteeing and providing funds for the settlement of the Participant’s cash leg of the securities transfer and Corporate Action proceeds in any Settlement System if those securities are non-T2S eligible securities or are issued in non-T2S eligible currency;

**Participation in SSS – A securities account can hold a balance of a security that belongs to an SSS only if its account operator is part of that SSS. Meaning that if an account operator participates only in the Estonian SSS, then its securities accounts can only hold balances in securities that belong to the Estonian SSS. If an account operator participates in the Estonian SSS, Latvian SSS, and Lithuanian SSS, then its securities accounts can hold balances in all securities registered in the Nasdaq CSD.