A statement of the list of shareholders (register book, list of shareholders, and list of bondholders) is a service which enables a person to see and print out the lists of shareholders for presenting at any point in time.

A statement of the list of shareholders is a document, which forms the basis for the general meetings of shareholders or partners, transactions with shares, communicating messages to investors, etc.

In order to request a list of shareholders, a written application has to be submitted to the relevant Nasdaq CSD branch office in Estonia.

The list of shareholders can be requested also via the self-service portal E-Register.

Issuers, issuers’ agents or authorized third parties can request Nasdaq CSD to compile a full list of holders of securities as of a specific date for Latvia and Lithuania and Estonia list of shareholders using self-service portal ESIS. This enables for the issuer to recieve a full list of shareholders, if shares are safekept on a nominee account in Latvia and/or Lihtuania.

To start using self-service portal ESIS issuers, issuers’ agents or authorized third parties fill in an application and send it to csd.estonia@nasdaq.com. Nasdaq CSD will create users and send confirmations via e-mail.

ESIS terms and conditions