Nasdaq CSD provides issuers with services regarding list of shareholders (register book, list of shareholders, and list of bondholders). The service enables  an authorized person to obtain and print out lists of shareholders for presenting at any point in time.

A statement of the list of shareholders can be used as a basis for general meetings of shareholders, transactions with shares, communicating messages to investors, etc.

In order to request a manual list of shareholders, a written can be submitted to the local Nasdaq CSD.

The list of shareholders can be requested also via the self-service portal E-Register.

Issuers, issuers’ agents or authorized third parties can request Nasdaq CSD to compile a full list of holders of securities as of a specific date for Latvia and Lithuania and Estonia list of shareholders using self-service portal ESIS. This enables for the issuer to recieve a full list of shareholders, if shares are safekept on a nominee account in Latvia and/or Lihtuania.

To be able to use the self-service portal ESIS, issuers, Issuer’ Agents or authorized third parties must submit an application and send it to Nasdaq CSD will create users and send confirmations via e-mail.

ESIS terms and conditions