Nasdaq CSD provides the following ancillary services in connection with securities that are initially recorded, admitted or transferred to, or are expected to be admitted, to its Settlement Systems:

  • Supporting the processing of Corporate Actions;
  • Services related to securities holders’ registers;
  • Issue services (initial public offerings etc.) of securities which the issuer has requested to admit to any Settlement System;
  • Instruction routing and processing, fee collection, processing and reporting related to the above mentioned services;
  • Providing information, data and statistics in connection with the above.

Unless Corporate Action Standards allow the processing of incomplete or unconfirmed information on Corporate Actions, any obligation of Nasdaq CSD to process Corporate Action affecting securities as well as its obligation to provide, forward or disclose information, data or statistics about such Corporate Action, shall only apply to the extent that Nasdaq CSD has received in a timely manner, a complete set of information, and when required by the Rules of Nasdaq CSD, a valid request for the processing of the Corporate Action (issuer’s application) and supporting documentation, from the issuer, the Issuer Agent or the Fund Administrator, or in case of foreign securities, from the relevant linked CSD.

Nasdaq CSD may process the following Corporate Actions only upon issuer’s application submitted on a standard application form or in a manner agreed with Nasdaq CSD and insofar as the applicable law allows the respective Corporate Action:

  • Voluntary reorganization (e.g. registration of new shares in connection with the increase of share capital);
  • Mandatory reorganization (e.g. split or reverse split, redemption);
  • Mandatory reorganization with options (e.g. conversion);
  • Cancellation of shares in connection with the reduction of share capital;
  • Any other cancellation of securities except as and to the extent otherwise provided by the applicable law;
  • Cash distributions (e.g. interest payment, cash dividends);
  • Securities distributions (e.g. stock dividend, bonus issue);
  • Distribution with options (e.g. optional dividend).