Action information

Main details

Issuer name RESBUD SE
Registration code 14617750
ISIN code EE3100142985
Name of instrument RESBUD aktsia
Name of instrument (in english) RESBUD share
Ticker RES
Instrument type Equities
Event reference INFOEE0000000932
Event type Info
Event status Finished
Start date of processing Sep 27, 2018
End date of processing Sep 28, 2018
Relevant notice Esmaregistreerimine/First time registration
Event ID 34203


Option number 001
Option type Distribution of securities to holders
Security movements
Ticker RES
ISIN code EE3100142985
Name RESBUD aktsia
Name in english RESBUD share
Source total 13,000,000
Source total after 13,000,000
Destination total 13,000,000
Destination total after 13,000,000
Transaction date Sep 28, 2018