March 20, 2020 – Nasdaq CSD remains fully operational

Maintains strong commitment to protect health and safety of employees, clients, partners

Nasdaq CSD’s statement regarding its services and operations in Baltic and Icelandic markets as part of the company’s continuity plan in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus:

Services and Operations Remain available: All Nasdaq CSD Baltic and Icelandic services and operations remain fully available. Operations are provided during regular hours. CSD plays an important role in the financial markets. In times of uncertainty, it is particularly important for a CSD to act as fundamental element in the financial market, serving as the central registrar of shares, debt instruments and other securities issued by companies and governments as well as to ensure smooth and timely settlement of transactions concluded on the stock exchange platforms and over-the-counter.

Business Continuity Plan: Nasdaq has a robust framework in place to manage eventualities related to a number of crisis scenarios, including pandemics. Critical operations, including CSD and pension services, have been tested over time to function successfully. Nasdaq is continuously reviewing its business continuity plans, and augmenting them as needed, to account for this rapidly evolving situation.

Employee Status: To ensure both employee safety and business continuity, Nasdaq CSD has implemented and will continue to operate various working models. The company’s staff has been operating across a combination of work-from-home, split teams, and rotating staff schedules since March 9.