Why register your securities with Nasdaq CSD?


Simple, efficient and cost effective solution that reduces your administrative tasks
Safe and efficient access to local and European capital markets, easy access by foreign investor’s via our network of foreign financial institutions such as Clearstream
Real-time access to ownership and investor data, allowing you to analyze your investors’ behavior
Specialized support and advice during the full lifecycle of the securities
Standardized and efficient handling of corporate actions; for example, changes in share capital, dividend payments, interest payments, company reorganizations
Automated tax reports to Tax Authorities in the respective markets on dividend payments and share ownership
Investors’ assets are securely safeguarded by a trustworthy and neutral partner
Simple and secure settlement provides higher liquidity for your investors, and lower cost of financing
Safe and efficient pledging of securities enables your investors to leverage their assets in different ways
Borrow from investors on your own terms, whilst ensuring the highest level of safety, liquidity and refinancing options
Registration of securities is the first step if you aim to become listed on the stock exchange

Once you have registered


your securities with Nasdaq CSD, they will be securely kept in securities accounts held by investors and they will be able to efficiently trade and pledge their securities.

Registration in our highly secure infrastructure provides added transparency and assurances to you and your investors about the safety of the securities held with us. This means you can engage with confidence and immediately enjoy higher levels of trust from your current and future investors, whether on the domestic or international markets.

Each security is assigned an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) which is internationally acknowledged and recognized by investors. Nasdaq acts as a National Numbering Agency (NNA) in Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, and Lithuania.