With the exponential increase in data volumes, investor relations managers are looking for easy-to-use and efficient tools to manage and analyze the data.

Our Investor Analytics Solution helps you to get a comprehensive understanding of who your investors are. This allows you to tailor your investor relations activities for much greater impact.

Investor Analytics Solution is the first of its kind in the Baltics, precisely designed for professional investor relations management.

With Investor Analytics Solution, you can:

– Save time and stress of monitoring and managing your investor base
– Tailor your market communications to specific investor segments with much greater accuracy
– Improve investor engagement to drive growth to enhance your company’s reputation and credibility, and to stay ahead of the competition.

Your investor base
  • Total number of investors and holding volumes
  • Retail investors:
    – By gender
    – By age groups
    – By country of residence
  • Corporate investors holding volume and value by:
    – Type (pension funds, investment funds, insurance companies, government institutions, etc.)
    – Holding volume and value
    – Country of registration
  • Top 20 investors
  • Pension funds
Issue and Instrument
  • Issue size
  • Market value
  • Quantity and market value of pledged securities
  • Instrument closing price
  • Local market custodian holding volume and value
  • Stock exchange settlement statistics
  • Over-the-counter settlement statistics
  • Free of payment (FOP) settlement statistics

To begin your journey with Investor Analytics, please contact our team of experts who will provide dedicated support throughout the process.