Standardized and efficient handling of corporate actions

Find a list of most common corporate actions for your business Nasdaq CSD should be informed on below. Please see the respective documents in the Infocenter.

Corporate actions for shares registered with Nasdaq CSD

Dividend payment

Cash payout to the shareholders, in proportion to their shares held. Shareholder receives cash in accordance with the decision of the Shareholder’s meeting.

Capital increase/decrease

Issuer’s share capital changes through increase or decrease in the nominal value or in the number of shares.


Increase or decrease in the number of shares without any change in the shareholder’s equity or the aggregate market value at the time of the split.


Issuer requests to cancel its shares from the CSD.


Exchange or deletion of outstanding shares of the issuer as a result of two or more companies combining assets.

Change of legal form

A company may be transformed into a company of a different class.  The shareholders of a company being transformed shall become shareholders of the new company.


Division shall be effected without a liquidation proceeding by distribution or separation.

Conversion to euro

Tender offer and final buyout

The offeror offers to sell or to exchange securities’ holders securities

ISIN allocation

Shareholder’s meeting

The issuer publicly announces the convening of an ordinary or extraordinary shareholders meeting and informs Nasdaq CSD as of the public announcement.

Corporate actions for bonds registered with Nasdaq CSD

Interest payment

Cash payout to the bondholders, in proportion to their bonds held. Before the record date of the interest payment, the issuer notifies Nasdaq CSD of the upcoming interest payment.

Additional issuance

Increase in the outstanding nominal amount of the bonds.


In-part or full redemption before or at final maturity of the bond issue

Change of terms

Information regarding a change in debt security terms.

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