Given that the shareholders may hold shares through a chain of intermediaries and not directly with a Participant in the Nasdaq CSD, the laws and regulations require intermediaries in this chain to:

  • Transfer the information received from the issuer to the shareholder
  • To forward the notice of participation and/or voting on the included draft resolutions

Nasdaq CSD offers services to issuers in the ESIS system:

Collection of information from intermediaries on those shareholders who plan to attend the Shareholder’s meeting


Collection of shareholders’ votes on the agenda items in an electronic format

To use one or both of these services,

the notice of the shareholders’ meeting must include information on the deadline by which the shareholder may announce his participation in the meeting and/or cast a vote and how the shareholder must submit such a notice and/or vote.

The issuer shall have the possibility, through a chain of intermediaries, to:

  • Receive a list of shareholders who will participate in the Shareholder’s meeting
  • To see the votes received from each shareholder on the agenda items
  • Accept or reject an electronic vote submitted by a particular shareholder
  • Download three different reports after the voting deadline –
  1. a list of shareholders who have submitted an electronic vote
  2. summary of shareholder votes on the agenda items with all the votes cast, without identification of the shareholder
  3. a vote on each item on the agenda in detail with a vote of each shareholder with the identification of the shareholder.

Benefits for issuers:

Better preparation for the shareholders' meeting

Active shareholder involvement in the management of the issuer

Ensured shareholder’s rights

Compilation of useful reports regarding shareholders’ submitted votes

Benefits for shareholders:

Participate in decision-making remotely, promoting long-term growth of the issuer

Cast the vote in a financial institution that serves the shareholder without attending a meeting in-person

Greater transparency and trust in the issuer in the corporate governance process