Registration process

The simple steps required for an applicant to become a Participant of Nasdaq CSD are listed below. The description on the Participant roles and all the applicable requirements to become a Participant are available in Nasdaq CSD Rulebook (chapter 3 and annex I).

Initial application

A potential Participant submits documents for sanction screening and an application to become a Participant. Documents you can find in the section “Documents“.

Validation of the form

Nasdaq CSD performs a validation of the provided documents and informs the potential Participant.

Submission of the documents

The Participant submits a signed agreement form and (using a safe electronic signature or a hard copy).

Testing phase

Connectivity set-up, the Participant passes certification test cases and submits the test report.

Final decision

Management Board of Nasdaq CSD makes a decision on the onboarding of the Participant within 30 days of submission of the application.

Digitally signed application for registration and additional documents may be submitted to Nasdaq CSD to the email

Description of different levels of segregation offered by Nasdaq CSD in its Estonian, Iceland, Latvian and Lithuanian Settlement Systems: