Communicating in accordance with the new ISO20022 SWIFT standard and meeting tight deadlines is considered the new normal after the SRD II go-live. FINplus SWIFT messages are now being considered as a top preference for secure information exchange by issuers and custodians. If you are not already connected to SWIFT, we are there to help you meeting the SRD II compliance requirements.

Nasdaq ESIS ID allows custodians to provide SRD II shareholder identification disclosure responses in the required ISO20022 standard format using Nasdaq’s SWIFT infrastructure.

Key Features of ESIS ID

Uploading of shareholder identification information enabled via web-based application in multiple user-friendly formats.

Response message sent to the indicated recipient via SWIFT network.

Response message (seev.047) generated in compliance with requirements set in the Implementing Regulation of the SRD II and SMPG guidelines.

Cancellation of previously sent response and creating a new one possible.

Secure and GDPR compliant.

How to register for ESIS ID?

ESIS ID is available to any custodian across the globe. This solution is supported by all commonly used browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome and many others.

To start using ESIS ID, just fill in the application. Our team of experts is ready to support you throughout the process. Make sure to get acquainted with our terms and conditions. Application form must be submitted with the additional documents below to csd@nasdaq.com:

  • A copy of the registration certificate of the company
  • Sanctions Screening Information Request Form
  • A copy of the Articles of association
  • Group Structure Chart

ESIS ID service pricelist and the application form are available upon request at csd@nasdaq.com.

1. What is ESIS ID?

ESIS ID is a service that allows custodians to provide shareholder identification disclosure responses in the required ISO 20022 format to meet their SRD II disclosure obligations across the European markets.


2. How long does the client onboarding process take?

It takes up to 5 business days to complete the onboarding process for new clients. For Nasdaq‘s existing clients the onboarding process is significantly shorter or within 24 hours.


3. What languages are supported by ESIS ID?

Currently, ESIS ID is available in English, German, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, and Icelandic languages. Additional languages can be added upon request.


4. Do you require your clients to have access to the SWIFT network in order to start using ESIS ID?

No. ESIS ID is using its own SWIFT connection for the delivery of the response.