How to register fund units with Nasdaq CSD?

Ensure your investor’s assets are securely safeguarded by a trustworthy and neutral partner. Apply for fund unit registration, following the simple steps below.


Submit sanction screening form, the company’s Certificate of registration and group structure, if you are not an existing issuer in Nasdaq CSD system.



Reserve ISIN for the upcoming issue, if needed.


Submit a certified copy of the Articles of association, fund management regulations, investment fund prospectus, registration order and respective agreement with appendices to register fund units with Nasdaq CSD.

Documents may be submitted to Nasdaq CSD

Digitally signed to email

At our office

Valnu street 1, LV-1050, Riga, Latvia

By regular post

The documents need to be notary approved

What to keep in mind?

Once your fund units are registered with Nasdaq CSD, we will provide guidance during the full lifecycle of the securities. Please inform us regarding upcoming changes and corporate actions for up-to-date information.

Examples of corporate actions:

  • Legal name changes
  • Redemption