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The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a unique identifier for legal entities participating in the global financial markets and legally mandated for the trading of securities. Nasdaq is an accredited LEI issuer in the Baltic states and Nordics.

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Nasdaq LEI Service

Nasdaq LEI is an accredited provider of LEI codes. We can help you to apply for and renew your company’s LEI code or transfer an existing LEI code.


After submitting your application, Nasdaq will provide you with a new LEI code within three business days and notify when your LEI code is due for renewal.

Apply for an LEI code

For the registration and first year of usage of an LEI code

Renew your LEI code

Each legal entity is required to renew their LEI code annually

Transfer your LEI code

We can transfer your LEI code to Nasdaq CSD without any charge

What does an LEI code look like?

The Legal Entity Identifier is a 20-digit, alphanumeric code that links business entities to key reference information to enable clear and unique identification of companies that participate in the global financial markets. The LEI code is based on the ISO standard 17442.

LOU Identifier Entity Identifier Verification ID
1. Who needs an LEI code?

All legal entities who are involved in financial transactions or participating in the global financial markets are required to have an LEI code. Learn more here.


2. How is LEI associated with financial transactions?

The LEI code associates a legal entity with key information, which allows legal entities participating in global financial markets to be clearly and uniquely identified. The LEI code shall be used for reporting pursuant to different regulation.


3. Why is LEI code necessary?

Legal entities that have been assigned the right to provide investment services are obliged to notify surveillance authorities of client’s financial transactions by using the LEI code. In case the legal entity – client – does not have an LEI code, the reporting obligation cannot be performed and as a result the transaction orders cannot be fulfilled. The LEI code is used to identify the contracting parties to financial market transactions worldwide.


4. Who issues an LEI code?

Local Operating Units (LOU) of the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) are responsible for the issuance of LEI codes. The GLEIF exercises operational controls over the implementation of the LEI issuance process and ensures world-wide uniform standards in the global LEI system. The system is supervised by the dedicated committee established by the Financial Stability Board and approved by the G-20.


5. Is there a fee for an LEI code?

Yes, there is a fee for the initial issuance and renewal of an LEI code.


  • For the registration and issuance of the LEI code: 79 EUR + VAT
  • For yearly renewal of the LEI code: 69 EUR + VAT
  • Transfer of LEI code to NasdaqLEI – free of charge

VAT amount is 21% as the issuing entity Nasdaq CSD SE’s domicile is Latvia.


6. What happens when a legal entity does not have a valid LEI code?

To correctly perform the reporting duty, the LEI code of a legal entity must be valid and renewed annually. The investment service provider shall check the validity of the code before completing the transaction.



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