Since 2003, in cooperation with the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA), Nasdaq CSD maintains a register of pension II pillar participant accounts in the Latvian pension system, which lists the contributions made by every socially insured resident of Latvia to the pension II pillar scheme – one of the pension plans, as well as their parts that represent in monetary terms the participant’s capital accumulated in the pension II pillar.


According to the signed delegation agreement between SSIA and Nasdaq CSD, currently Nasdaq CSD as the keeper of the register of pension II pillar participant accounts performs the following functions:

  • maintenance of participant accounts
  • postings of assets in the accounts of participants
  • registration of changes in investment plans
  • maintenance of a register of investment plan shares
  • transfer of assets to SSIA and funded pension schemes
  • providing information on the operation of the state-funded pension system

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