About Saving notes

Saving notes are a type of Latvian state security, which are aimed at a wide range of citizens. With saving notes, the citizen lends money to the state – by investing the free financial resources in liquid and state securities recognized as one of the safest financial instruments in the world, in return receiving the opportunity to accumulate and receive interest income.

The denomination of one saving note is 1 euro. The minimum purchase amount is 50 euros. The maximum purchase amount is 100,000 euros per purchase application. The number of applications submitted during the day is not limited.

Income from saving notes is not subject to personal income tax.

Small commission fees – you only have to pay a one-time bank transfer commission fee, if the bank applies one.

Saving notes have five maturities – 12 months, 3 years, 5 years, 7 years  and 10 years.

Saving notes cannot be sold, but their early redemption is possible.

The safest type of investment – the state guarantees the repayment of funds in full throughout the state’s existence.

How to buy?