Nasdaq CSD is the member of the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) and acts as a National Numbering Agency (NNA) for Estonia, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania.

A national numbering agency (NNA) is the organization in each country responsible for issuing International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN) as described by the ISO 6166 standard, the Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI) code as described by the ISO 10962 standard and the Financial Instrument Short name (FISN) as described by the ISO 18774:2015 standard.

In the capacity of the NNA, the Depository assigns ISIN, classification codes and other necessary specifications to the securities initially registered with Nasdaq CSD on reasonable commercial terms and on a non-discriminatory basis.

Application for an ISIN

International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) is a 12-digit alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a specific security.

If you need an ISIN for yourself or for another issuer, you can reqest an ISIN for the purpose of registering securities with Nasdaq CSD or other purposes (e.g. registration in another CSD):

Fill out the ISIN application form
Send it along with additional documents stated in the form

Together with the issuance of the ISIN Nasdaq CSD will assign FISN and CFI code to the instrument.

Issuance of CFI code

CFI code is a six-letter-code used in the financial services industry to classify and describe the structure and function of a financial instrument.

The ISO 10962 Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI) standard is a recognized world-wide by all operators and computer systems as a standard for describing all financial instruments. The term “financial instruments” refers not only to classical securities and derivatives but also covers the innovative financial products that have emerged in different markets.

This code  works alongside with ISIN, identifying the type and the form of the security facilitating the worldwide identification of securities.

Issuance of FISN code

FISN code is a short, standardized description for financial instruments. It aims to harmonize existing market practices in use on a national and individual level. The code incorporates the issuer short name and abbreviated characteristics for the security or financial instrument. The FISN has a maximum length of 15 alphanumeric characters. 

Nasdaq CSD FISN Allocation Guideline