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Published on 29.09.21


Nasdaq CSD SE, a regional central securities depository in the Baltics and Iceland, in collaboration with Mintos, an investment firm providing opportunities for investments in loans-backed securities, have developed a technological solution for automated International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN codes) issuance. The new service is the first of its kind in the Baltic region, and among the first in Europe.


At its core, the cooperation between Nasdaq CSD and Mintos transforms how ISIN codes will be requested and issued. Challenging the traditional process, Nasdaq CSD and Mintos have arrived at a fast, digital solution that is processed in seconds. With the introduction of this new technology, Nasdaq CSD expands its services portfolio using the digital, modern solution that the engineering teams of both companies worked on. Besides disrupting the traditional market of financial services, Nasdaq CSD and Mintos are proving that the Baltics is trailblazing the financial industry markets in Europe.


As an investment firm, Mintos will soon be transitioning to offering investments in financial instruments – Notes. To comply with regulations and provide additional security for investors, Notes will have ISIN codes, provided by Nasdaq CSD, acting as the National Numbering Agency in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Iceland. Mintos’ need for a bespoke automated service, which is able to immediately attribute, assign, and allocate ISIN codes via an API solution, was heard by Nasdaq CSD. The two companies joined forces to collaborate during development process of a technology that provides the API solution.


“We are excited to offer this fully automated, 24/7 ISIN code assignment service, which will greatly benefit our customers by meeting their needs for smart, fully automated technological solutions. Our goal is to constantly expand the range of innovative instruments and follow tech developments  to ensure that customers and investors  have access to safe, efficient, and world class post-trade products and services,” said Indars Ascuks, the CEO of Nasdaq CSD. “We appreciate the efforts of Mintos team to initiate this collaboration and look forward to working with them to embrace and influence new ideas and development in the post-trade environment,” Ascuks added.


“This cooperation was essential for the upcoming Notes launch – the new financial instruments for investing on Mintos. We’re more than happy that in Nasdaq CSD we found a partner willing to join us in the development of this solution. Inspired by Mintos, Nasdaq CSD met us with openness to further develop its services. This shows the maturity of Nasdaq CSD as a financial services leader and that it’s ready to further stake its place in the continually evolving financial markets. This collaboration is an example of how long-established, financial industry players and fintech companies can work together to seize the potential of the dynamic financial technology industry,” said Martins Sulte, Co-founder and CEO of Mintos.


About Mintos

Launched in 2015, Mintos is now a regulated investment services provider. Currently, Mintos is in the process of transitioning to securities backed by loans. These loans are originated by selected alternative lending companies from around the world. A global award-winning platform, Mintos is a marketplace with more than 430 000 registered users with more than € 7 billion in total loans funded, and a market leader in continental Europe, holding a 45% market share. AS Mintos Marketplace is an authorized investment firm under MiFID II, licensed and supervised by the Financial and Capital Market Commission. To learn more visit, or follow #mintos on Facebook, LinkedIn and on Twitter @Mintos.


About Nasdaq

Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ) is a global technology company serving the capital markets and other industries. Our diverse offering of data, analytics, software and services enables clients to optimize and execute their business vision with confidence. To learn more about the company, technology solutions and career opportunities, visit us on LinkedIn, on Twitter @Nasdaq, or at


About Nasdaq CSD

The Nasdaq CSD Group operates regional central securities depositories in the Baltics and Iceland, with business presence in Estonia, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania. It provides post-trade infrastructure and a wide range of securities services for Baltic and Icelandic market participants. The CSD is a fundamental element in the financial markets, settling transactions in shares and other securities issued by companies and governments. Nasdaq CSD has over 50 bn EUR under custody and services over 7,500 issuers in Iceland and the Baltics. Nasdaq CSD SE is licensed under the European CSDR and supervised by the respective regulatory institutions. The depository is powered by straight-through processing technology connected to the pan-European T2S platform. Nasdaq CSD is a part of the Nasdaq Group. Nasdaq, Inc., the ultimate parent, provides trade and post-trade services in more than 50 countries. To learn more, visit:


Nasdaq CSD Media Relations Contact:

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Mintos Media Relations Contact:

Selma Karadza

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