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Published on 26.06.23


Nasdaq (NDAQ) announces that Nasdaq CSD has launched a portal – Nasdaq CSD E-Services – an online solution which allows issuers with registered securities in the Nasdaq CSD to seamlessly manage corporate actions processing, making the procedure much faster, more convenient, and hassle-free. Nasdaq CSD E-Services is available for companies with registered securities in Nasdaq CSD in Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Nasdaq CSD E-Services will enable clients to execute their and with increased data security. E-Services’ automated function for application forms reduces manual work, which saves clients’ time and increases accuracy and efficiency in the process.

“Given the ever-increasing complexity of corporate actions processing, we want to give our clients a better experience and provide them with solutions that will make their lives easier in their daily work. Nasdaq CSD E-Services does exactly that,” says Indars Aščuks, CEO of Nasdaq CSD. “Going forward we will build on the solution by adding more services to it enabling our clients to manage all their corporate actions and applications in one place, as well as conveniently access all other relevant information.”

Issuers can view their corporate actions applications submitted via the portal – historic and current – and their status which are continuously updated. Furthermore, they can access, sign, and submit forms via electronic identification.

Initially, two corporate actions applications can be submitted via the portal: Dividend Payment and Installment/Interest Payment. Going forward, over the next months the Nasdaq CSD will add other corporate actions applications to the portal, and applications for issuing new securities with Nasdaq CSD.

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About Nasdaq CSD

Nasdaq CSD operates regional central securities depositories in the Baltics and Iceland. It provides post-trade infrastructure and a wide range of securities services for Baltic and Icelandic market participants. Nasdaq CSD has over 70 bn EUR under custody and services issuers and participants in the Baltics and Iceland. Nasdaq CSD is licensed under the European CSDR and supervised by the respective regulatory institutions. The depository is powered by straight-through processing technology connected to the pan-European T2S platform. Nasdaq CSD is a part of the Nasdaq Group. To learn more, visit: