What is Pensionikeskus

The pension register is a database belonging to the state information system for the registration of units of mandatory (pension pillar II) and voluntary (pension pillar III) pension funds
and operations performed with them provided for in the Funded Pensions Act.

The register processes information, registers the ownership of securities, its changes and transactions. All work is done electronically.

Pensionikeskus AS started operations in this legal form in 2017, taking over the activities of the pension registrar from AS Eesti Väärtpaberikeskus through the transfer of the company. The company started keeping a pension register in 2001.

Services provided by the pension registrar:

  • Opening a pension account
  • Registration of changes in the pension account
  • Reception of applications for the second and third pillars of pensions
  • Registration of pension fund units in the second and third pillars
  • Disclosure of information to pension account holders
  • Disclosure of information to pension fund managers
  • Disclosure of information to pension fund depositories
  • Disclosure of information to funded pension insurers
  • Disclosure to public authorities of information necessary for their work
  • Keeping tax records and making payments to the tax authority
  • Pensionikeskus.ee website management
  • Management of the My Account self-service environment My Account

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